2019-2020 Legislative Priorities

We live in a stark climate reality that threatens us with unprecedented weather events like flooding and droughts.  The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change latest report indicates we have only 12 years to drastically upgrade our energy policies if we wish to avoid the worst effects of climate change.  Many of our communities, especially those with a majority of people of color and low incomes, have had to bear the brunt of decades of fossil fuel pollution and are most at risk from climate change.  We call upon you to prevent unnecessary pollution-related illness and death in these communities and to endorse just and equitable solutions to fix our dirty energy system.

NOW is the time for bold, decisive action from our state legislature!

To join, you can either sign up as an organization or sign up on our action network page for individual action opportunities.


Outcomes we prioritize


Environmental Justice - Include communities impacted by climate change and fossil fuel pollution as participants in crafting new, equitable policy


100% Renewable Energy - Set an ambitious goal to equitably reach 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2045


Equitable Investment in Green Infrastructure - Use mechanisms such as equitable carbon pricing or the transportation climate initiative to invest today to create the future we want


We support the policies contained in these important bills as examples of progress towards our outcomes:


1. S.453, S.464, and H.4264 - An Act relative to Environmental Justice

     Sen. DiDomenico /  Rep. Madaro and Sen. Eldridge/ Rep. Dubois & Rep. Miranda    

    S.915/H.3374 , H.1512 - An Act to Restore Civil Rights  

     Sen. DiDomenico/ Rep. Madaro, Rep. Meschino

2. S.1958/H.2836 An Act Re-powering Massachusetts with 100% Renewable Energy 

     Sen. Eldridge / Rep. Decker & Rep. Garballey

3. H.2810 An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions - Rep. Benson

     S.2106/H.3008 An Act to Advance Modern and Sustainable Solutions for Transportation 

     Sen. Lesser / Rep. Ehrlich

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