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2021-2022 Legislative Priorities

Environmental Justice (With the EJ Table)

  • S.1447/H.2230 An Act to improve outdoor and indoor air quality for communities burdened by transportation pollution - Sen. Jehlen & Rep. Barber & Connolly - FACT SHEET

  • S.2135/H.3336 An Act Relative to Energy Facilities Siting Reform to Address Environmental Justice, Climate, and Public Health - Sen. Boncore & Rep. Madaro - FACT SHEET

  • S.996/H.1792 An Act to create access to justice - Sen. DiDomenico & Rep. Meschino & Rep. Madaro- FACT SHEET

Housing & Climate Justice (With MA Renews Alliance & Homes For All Mass)


100% Clean Act

  • S.2136/H.3288 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to clean electricity, heating and transportation (The 100% Clean Act) - Reps. Decker and Garballey, Sen. Boncore - FACT SHEET



Frontline Bills that also align with our platform


Food Justice with the MA Renews Alliance

  • S.495/H.967 An Act An act relative to food justice with jobs - Sen. Boncore, Rep. Madaro

  • S.564/H.973 An Act relative to establishing a Food Justice Frontline - Sen. Jehlen , Rep. Minicucci


Indigenous Justice with the MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda

  • S.294/H.581 An Act prohibiting the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth - Sen. Comerford & Reps. Elugardo and Gouveia

  • S.2027/H.3191 An Act establishing an Indigenous Peoples Day - Sen. Comerford & Reps. Lewis and Fluker Oakley

  • S.382/H.651 An act relative to celebrating Native American culture and history - Sen. Rausch & Rep. Lewis

  • H.582 An Act providing for the creation of a permanent commission relative to the education of American Indian and Alaska Native residents of the Commonwealth - Rep. Elugardo

  • S.2239/H.3377 & S.2240/H.3385 An Act to protect Native American Heritage Sen. Chang-Diaz & Rep. Elugardo, Sen. Collins & Reps. D.Rogers and Biele


Just Transition

  • S.1197/H.1954 An Act Relative to a Just Transition to Clean Energy - Rep. Decker & Sen.Feeney

  • S.1198/H.1955 The Clean Energy Workforce Standards and Accountability Act - Rep. Decker & Sen.Feeney


No Toxic Biomass

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