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Put Gas in the Past after the DPU's "future of gas" decision (20-80)

After the DPU's 20-80 decision in December, many people are wondering - is this the end to gas expansion? Grassroots advocates have been tirelessly working on a halt to large gas expansion, asking both the Governor and the legislature to pass a halt on pouring ratepayer money into projects that are bad for our climate and our health. Did the DPU’s order achieve that?

The DPU’s decision begins to move the Commonwealth to a “beyond gas future” and toward meeting its 2050 climate objectives. Upon careful consideration, the DPU has determined gas is a poor investment in our future. The DPU Order also was right to reject attempts by utilities to foist cost onto ratepayers for industry scams like “renewable” gas and “clean” hydrogen that exist only to justify continued investment in the gas system. As we know, rejecting new fossil fuel infrastructure is a crucial step towards addressing the climate crisis.

However, in its order, the DPU says it only has the power to discourage, not put a halt to, gas expansion. Legislative action is required to permanently halt gas expansion by removing the state’s ability to permit new large gas projects. As we come up on Joint Rule 10, the deadline for bills to be reported out of committee on February 7th, send a message to the committee urging they report the bill out favorably!

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