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Senate Climate Omnibus is out!

Updated: Jun 19

Last Updated Weds, June 19th, 9:24AM

TAKE ACTION and Contact your Senator! Use this Action Guide.

We support the following amendments


116 Accurately Assessing Community Impacts (DiDomenico)

100 Improving Outdoor Air Quality (Jehlen)

14 Protecting the Commonwealth from Gas Expansion (Gomez)

15 Halting the Expansion of Large Gas Pipes (Gomez)

16 Protecting the Climate and Ratepayers from Gas Expansion (Gomez)


31 Commuter Rail Electrification (Crighton)

34 Updating MLP Clean Energy Standards (Gomez) 

35 Limiting Biomass (Gomez)

106 Stemming the Expansion of RNG and Hydrogen (Eldridge)

28 Zero Carbon Renovation Fund (Gomez)

57 Clean Energy Siting and Permitting, Local Option Amendment (Mark)

101 Municipal Permit Timing Safety Valve When Awaiting Response (Comerford)


Monday, the Senate Climate Omnibus package was released. We are reviewing as quickly as possible.

Here is what we know as it relates to our priorities

  1. AIR QUALITY- Not in the bill. Look for an amendment coming soon.

  1. SITING IMPROVEMENT -The definition of a Cumulative Impact Assessment does not match what we want and has some questionable language.


    1. The bill adds hoops for line extensions for individuals but does not halt large expansions permitted by the Energy Facilities Siting Board under Chapter 164 Section 69J.

    2. The bill does not end the Department of Public Utilities ability to allow gas companies to expand into new territory under Chapter 164 Section 30.

OTHER THINGS Outside our Priority Campaigns


  • Intervenor support grant program - Establishes a new Office of Public Participation at DPU, which is tasked with helping individuals, entities, communities, and applicants with business before the DPU/EFSB navigate requirements and procedural steps- with opportunities to apply for funding to do that.


  • Consolidated Permitting - Regulators would newly offer a single, consolidated permit to approve clean energy infrastructure instead of multiple permits stretching across local, regional and state levels, and the review would be limited to one year for smaller projects and 15 months for larger projects. As a coalition that supports deep democracy and the public good, we do not support steam-rolling communities (especially rural communities) and taking away their ability to weigh in. We support Senator Comerford’s efforts to find compromise.

  • Redefining “Clean Energy” - We oppose the following being designated “clean” and getting subsidies: nuclear, carbon dioxide removal, hydrogen, renewable natural gas

  • Including carbon capture & sequestration in clean energy research

  • Oppose the inclusion of renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen in the definition of “Gas” in Ch164 Section 69G

What comes next: Amendments are due Tuesday, the 18th by 5pm. Our champs will file amendments and we will get a list out to you to ask your senator to co-sponsor them (For Example: "Ask your Senator to co-sponsor amendments 11, 56 and 103.")

Here is the "official summary".

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